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Streaker tackled on Torch Route

A streaker runs on the Torch Relay in Henley-on-Thames Photo: Angela Roberts
The streaker is tackled to the ground by police officers Credit: ITV Meridian

A streaker was tackled to the ground in Henley-on-Thames this morning as the Olympic Torch passed through the town. Police officers guarding the torch grabbed him before he could get to the torch. He has since been arrested by officers. Witnesses said he had the words 'Free Tibet' written on his body.

Here's the first video footage of the streaker who ran onto the Torch Relay route in Henley-on-Thames. You can see him carrying a fake flame. Shortly after this video was shot, he was tackled to the ground by police officers who were guarding the official Olympic Flame.

Police Update: Thames Valley Police has arrested a 27-year-old man in connection with an incident at the Torch Relay in Henley this morning. The man, from Henley, was arrested on suspicion of outraging public decency after he ran naked near to the Torch Relay. He has been taken to a police station in Oxfordshire.

Assistant Chief Constable John Campbell, overseeing the Torch Relay policing operation, said: “This was an isolated incident that was quickly dealt with by police officers and thankfully did not disrupt the Torch Relay as it passed through Henley.

"The Torch Relay events of yesterday and today have been attended by thousands of people who lined the routes through towns and villages and seemed to have really enjoyed this once in a lifetime experience and we have every confidence that this will continue."

There is new video of the streaker being detained in Henley-on-Thames after he ran onto the Olympic Torch route earlier. He's covered up by a blanket whilst being handcuffed from behind. A small cheer is heard from the crowd as he's lead away

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