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Miscarriage after burglary

Sarah Weston says she is still haunted by the burglary Photo: ITV Meridian

A young mother who suffered a miscarriage after jumping out of a window to escape a burglar has reacted angrily to his sentence.

James Scamp was jailed for 16 months after breaking into Sarah Weston's home in Kent. Dance teacher Sarah Weston was relaxing at home alone, ten weeks pregnant with her third child, when she heard someone trying to force the patio doors.

Terrified of attack, she ran upstairs. As she escaped through a door onto her roof, she heard the intruder smash his way into the house.

Fearing for her life, she jumped across a 20ft drop onto her neighbour's roof where she called police on her mobile phone.

The intruder ran from the house empty-handed after hearing Sarah upstairs. Soon after the ordeal Sarah suffered a miscarriage.

John Ryall reports.