In 1948 England held the first Olympic games since Hitler's Nazi Olympiad of 1936.

In an effort to unite a continent so recently driven apart by war the Olympic torch passed through Europe on its way to London.

Frank Verge had the honour of carrying that flame the two miles from Borough Green to Igtham.

You'd had all these years of people killing each other and this was countries getting together to play together, to enjoy themselves together and I think it was the spirit that everyone felt at the time.

It was four o'clock in the morning when Frank waited for the torch to arrive. He saw it as a small light bobbing along in the darkness and then it was his turn. He said: "When I got to the end people were lighting cigarettes from the torch and pinching them out for souvenirs".

Two torches reunited Credit: ITV Meridian

Burt Jones was the runner that passed the Olympic flame to Frank back in 1948. Today his son Keith is in contact with Frank and the two torches have been reunited. They would make a lovely pair - but neither man would ever give up his 1948 torch.

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