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Fans' plea to players

Time runs out for Pompey Photo: ITV Meridian

Portsmouth football fans are to gather outside the club's ground this morning in the hope of garnering support from senior players.

The group SOS Pompey will ask them to back to it's campaign to allow fans to take over the failing club.

They will hand out the following letters:

"When you joined our football club certain promises were made to you, you signed a contract and on that basis and you have every right to demand what is justly yours.

With everything that has happened you, like us supporters, have every right to be angry, you are as much a victim of the incompetence that has left our club teetering on the brink of as anyone.

Now though you have the chance to write your name in the history of our club, the decisions that you make will decide whether one hundred and fourteen years of history come to an end. Generations of Pompey fans are praying that are able to reach a compromise with the administrators and while legality and indeed morality are on your side we can only appeal to your conscience.

While those who have done this squabble over the final remains of Portsmouth Football Club, without a care for those who have been put out of work, or the businesses forced to make cut backs because of non-payment , you can show the world that you care. You can save this club that so many of us care about, you can demonstrate that footballers aren't the shallow, selfish people that is portrayed in the press.

We hope that with your help Pompey can survive and, under the ownership of the fans, can slowly but surely be turned around. We know that the potential sacrifice we are asking you to make is immense, but we will not survive without it.

Thank you


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