Rescue workers have struggled to free a horse which was left hanging off the back of its box as its owner was driving along a by-pass.

The unlucky animal jumped over the partition of its horse box as its owner drove along a bypass in Twyford, and was rescued by Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service last night.

Crews were alerted to the trapped horse on the B335 in Twyford, after its owner heard a noise and pulled over to investigate. The three-year-old cob had jumped over the partition in the box into a narrow access area across the front of the van.

Bruised and battered, but free at last Credit: Hampshire Fire & Rescue Service

Crews from Winchester controlled the situation and requested the help of a vet before the animal rescue team arrived.

Vet David Languish from Animed heavily sedated the horse before crews could cut the partition away in order to free the cob.

‘This was a very dangerous scene where the horse did not have much room to manoeuvre and was becoming distressed. Its legs were balanced on the edge of the box, and if it had stepped back any further it would have fallen, becoming further distressed and potentially causing further injury. ‘We are very grateful to the vet, David Languish, for his prompt attendance and action on the night.’