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Busiest day for Heathrow staff

Thousands are expected to make for the region's airports as they leave the Olympic Games. Photo: ITV Meridian

Even the best parties come to an end. So for the thousands of athletes, officials and fans who helped make the Olympics such a success it's time to pack up and head home.

Gatwick Airport in Sussex, just one of the departure points. More than 220 games-related flights took off from Gatwick during the course of the day.

At Heathrow around 15,000 Olympic passengers were leaving today, via the terminal built specially for the games.

Others let the train take the strain. St Pancras station was busy with passengers boarding Eurostar trains for the journey through Kent and the Channel Tunnel.

The Olympics have been big business for travel operators. Southeastern say passengers made 7.7m journeys on its trains during the games. 20% more than usual.

And so, the Olympic bandwagon rolls on. Its legacy? A wealth of memories and goodwill by the suitcase-full.