The kitten was born in the middle of May and this is the first time it has been pictured playing with its parents and padding through its home in Port Lympne Wild Animal Park.

The Carpathian is a sub species of Eurasia lynx. Carpathian lynx are found in the forests of the Carpathian Mountains one of the last remaining wilderness regions in Europe.

Lynx use stealth and rely on short bursts of speed to capture prey. They can also jump two metres into the air to catch birds.

Carpathian lynx kittens are usually born late May to July and litters consist of one to five kittens. The kittens are blind and helpless at birth and will stay hidden for about six weeks until they follow their mum to explore their new world. It’s great to see this little one out and about now and I’m amazed at how independent it is already. It’s often seen playing while Mum and Dad are napping."_

Credit: Dave Rolfe