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Rap Star Professor Green promotes rail safety

Rapper Professor Green advises people to pay attention at level crossings Photo: Network Rail campaign

Network Rail is asking the public to take off their headphones when near level crossings. The warning comes after a teenager from Sussex was killed on railway lines near his school in Horsham.

British rapper Professor Green has joined the campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of using headphones near railway lines.

Professor Green is backing the 'Lose Your Headphones' level crossing campaign Credit: Network Rail

“I never imagined asking people to stop listening to my music but this is about staying safe, so just for a minute, I want them to stop. I know it’s very easy to get caught up in a track when you have your headphones on and get distracted from where you are and what’s around you but I’m asking, please, lose your headphones when at a level crossing and pay attention to all the safety warnings. I don’t want anyone to end up on the tracks listening to one of mine.”

– Professor Green

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