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Plea for return of stolen wedding photos

The happy couple Photo: Peter Prangnell / Heather Taylor

A home video captured the wedding of Ben and Kelly Prangnell just over a week ago but they're now out of the country on honeymoon and have no idea that the only copies of their official wedding photographs have been stolen. Their parents are distraught and furious.

"I just, well it just felt like the end of the world" says the bride's mum, Heather Taylor. "I just, I couldn't believe that at the end of such a wonderful day to have something happen you know that's ... I just don't know how they're going to take it."

Adds the groom's father, Peter Prangnell: "Absolutely gutted. I could understand how they're going to feel, especially Kelly, her big day, to lose all her photographs."

The pictures were taken by Joanne Collins, a professional photographer. Stored on a memory card in her Nikon camera, they were stolen, along with lenses and a laptop computer, from her study. Even the backup hard disc was taken. No other copies remain.

Joanne says "Those images are precious. That's what I do, I take pictures of precious memories for people to keep forever and obviously it's devastating what's happened for them, taking those pictures away from me and my clients."

There are amateur photos of the day of course, all the guests were snapping away. But professional wedding pictures are in a different league.

"The ones that everybody takes, the group ones, yes you have got those but it's their memories isn't it, all the special ones really, you can't capture it again can you?" adds Heather.

They're hoping the thieves might look at what they took and at least return the memory card; but doubt they have a conscience.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Kent Police.