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MPs express disappointment after cabinet reshuffle

Reshuffles rarely achieve what they set out to do. They almost always go wrong. Mr Cameron's reshuffle last week is no exception.

Ministers who lose their jobs are always disappointed of course, often angry. But the chorus of disapproval which has greeted some of last week's sackings is unusual.

People who have worked closely with some of the casualties just cannot understand why they have lost their jobs.

They are ministers who shadowed their positions in opposition and who gained a lot of experience - and respect - along the way.

Three MPs from the south are spoken about more than most, all from Sussex. Charles Hendry was Energy Minister, Nick Gibb was Schools Minister and Tim Loughton was Children's Minister.

Mr Loughton has already tweeted about his concern that the ministerial role looking after children and young people has been downgraded. Many of the groups he's worked with over the years agree with him.

The reshuffle explanation is always the same: we need to give younger MPs the chance to become ministers, so some people have to make way.

But many observers point out that no business would operate like this. If they had blameless middle managers who were generally regarded as doing a good job (irrespective of whether you agree with the policies they are seeing through!) would they really be got rid of in such a cavalier way?

Politics is a rough old trade, of course, and ministers, like football managers, know the sack can be just around the corner. But some of this reshuffle's casualties have a right to feel hard done by.

Especially the Sussex Three.