A 29-year-old man remains in police custody on suspicion of dangerous driving, driving with an unsecured load and causing danger to other roads users, after an accident on the A34 near Whitchurch last night.

It is understood that a car transporter which was being towed by a recovery vehicle on the northbound carriageway came free and crashed through the central reservation shedding its load in the process.

The accident has caused severe disruption to travel on the A34 this morning.

Hampshire Police say the transporter and vehicles have been cleared away but the road is likely to remain closed for several hours while repairs are done to the road surface.

After the incident on Monday night, Hampshire Police released news updates on its Twitter feed as events unfolded:

Following the accident the Highways Agency issued a statement about how long they expected the repair work to take.

This is a very complex recovery and is expected to be completed during the morning peak period. Once all vehicles are moved off the carriageway, work will get underway to clear up the large amount of diesel and hydraulic fluid which has been spilt across both sides of the A34. Sections of the north and southbound carriageway have been damaged and will need to be resurfaced, and around 100 metres of barrier in the central reservation also needs to be repaired before the road can be safely re-opened to traffic.

However, this morning the full extent of the damage has become clear. A spokesperson from the Highway Agency has confirmed that the repair work underway involves mending 100 metres of the road barrier as well as resurfacing work on the road itself. She said the work is unlikely to be fnished before early afternoon.