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Protests over adult social care cuts

Adult social care cuts are being felt across the community Photo:

Exactly two years ago, today, the government told all local councils they'd have to make cuts. Essential, they said, for reducing the nation's deficit.

Today, hundreds of people staged protests over cuts in adult social care. They did so ahead of a debate by West Sussex Country Council, where the demonstrators handed in a petition with five thousand signatures. Campaigner Margaret Guest explained their position in the video below.

Campaigners claim 70 per cent of people being re-assessed for help have lost all or part of their care funding. That is despite the council having 176 million pounds in its reserves.

Budgets have been cut across our region. In Kent, for example, funding for children's services is down by more than 20 million.

And, budgets to help those in debt have been slashed by a quarter at citizen's advice services in Hastings and elsewhere. Our social affairs correspondent Christine Alsford has met some of the people affected.

Adult social care cuts protest in West Sussex

West Sussex County Council said, like many local authorities, it has no choice but to make cuts across the board to save money.

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