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Family of cats saved from bin lorry

This family of cats nearly died in the back of a bin lorry Photo: Battersea’s Old Windsor centre

A cat and her three kittens have cheated death after they were left out with the rubbish and nearly ended up in the back of a bin lorry.

The family of four had been forced into a taped up cardboard box before being dumped in a communal bin shed in Stanwell in Berkshire.

Luckily a passer-by heard their cries and saved them.

The cats are now at Battersea’s Old Windsor centre where they are waiting to be re-homed.

Senior Rehomer Vicky Snook said: "All four cats would have died come bin day if their cries hadn't been heard, whereas we would have been able to help the owner if only they’d contacted us.”

The cats have all been named after US cities, including mum Atlanta, who Battersea’s staff believe is one to two years old, and kittens Miami, Phoenix and Austin, who appear to be about eight weeks of age.

Vicky added: “All the cats are friendly, loving and enjoy spending time with people, so they will make wonderful pets.

"We are looking for responsible owners who can show the cats what it means to be a loved member of the family and who will ensure they feel safe for the rest of their lives.”

Anyone interested in rehoming one of the cats can contact the centre on 01784 494460 or