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Compensation claims for Dreamliners

A 787 Dreamliner Photo: PA

Boeing, the company behind the grounded fleet of 787 Dreamliner planes, is facing millions of pounds of compensation claims because of the ongoing row over safety.

A number of airlines have been forced to ground around fifty aircraft and others, including Thomson at Gatwick, will see delivery of planes delayed.

Airlines are left with grounded jets and passengers hoping to fly them frustrated. Thomson has spent hundreds of thousands of pounds promoting the Dreamliner which burns less fuel, makes less noise and has bigger windows and more space inside.

Airlines are not saying how much compensation they are claiming but an industry source said if the planes don't start flying soon it will be "many millions of pounds. "

Testing for the plane was carried out in the world famous wind tunnels at Farnborough.

Components are made all over the south with simulators for flight crew training at Crawley and flight deck seats built in Southend.

American safety officials grounded the planes after safety concerns over batteries on the planes. There were fears they could burst into flames.

Thomson was this week forced to announce delays in operating flights due in May. The move has left staff and passengers disappointed. The airline is the UK launch customer.

Thomson Airways said: "We understand how frustrating and disappointing this news will be for those customers looking forward to flying on the 787 Dreamliner, we are equally as disappointed that Boeing was not able to confirm a delivery date for us but unfortunately these circumstances are out of our control."

Boeing is working on a solution with safety officials but it is not clear when planes due in the UK will be delivered. Other companies buying them include Virgin and BA.

Around 1,000 orders for the 787 have been placed.