Workers taught about road safety

Firefighters demonstrate how they cut a road crash victim free Credit: Wiltshire Police

Firefighters in Wiltshire have been raising awareness about road safety.

They spoke to workers at Castrol in Swindon when they held two Safe Drive Stay Alive presentations.

The presentations included showing the wreckage of a car involved in a fatal drink-drive crash and demonstrating how casualties are cut free from vehicles after an accident.

Ian Hopkins, Wiltshire FRS road safety development manager, said: “Safe Drive was originally intended for Year 11 students, but we have been successful in taking the show to a wider audience.

"We now hold regular presentations for the military, and we are keen to expand our focus to commercial drivers.”

“The aim of the day at Castrol was to make people think about the consequences of certain actions.

"Most people are lucky enough not to have seen the aftermath of a road traffic collision, so we wanted them to better understand what can happen if you lose concentration on the roads.”

Mandhir Singh, regional vice president at Castrol, said: “ I think this was a dramatic and effective way of encouraging everyone to take every care possible when driving.”