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Southeastern's statement after on-board birth

Photo: PA

Baby Phoebe was born yesterday evening on a Southeastern London Victoria to Ashford International service.

Commuters onboard the 18.18 departure were surprised to hear driver Rob Friend put a call out for a medical staff over the tannoy. A lady, boarding the train at Borough Green had gone into labour five minutes into her journey.

Fortunately one of the passengers was a midwife and was able to assist until the emergency services arrived. There was also a nurse onboard giving medical assistance and an off-duty policeman who helped the conductor evacuate the carriage for the exclusive use of the mum-to-be, her partner and her mother.

The baby was born within thirty minutes at around 19:40.

Conductor Colin Brooker joked: "We had everyone we needed right there on the train. We were only missing a vicar to baptise the baby!"

“I kept all the passengers onboard informed about the delay and there was a big cheer when we announced the baby was born.”

The dad of four added: "In all my 41 years working on the railway I've never experienced anything like this. It was amazing. I'll be having some celebration drinks tomorrow to wet the baby's head."

The conductor and driver continued to work the rest of evening shift which ended at one this morning.

Both mum and baby are reported to be doing well in hospital. Southeastern's sent the mum some flowers to say congratulations!

The train was delayed by around 37 minutes.

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