Living without supermarkets: top tips to save money on the weekly shop

The Pugh family Credit: Ian and Rebekah Pugh

Ian and Rebekah Pugh vowed to give up supermarket shopping for 2013. Their reasons were simple: To support local and independent shops and food sources, while eating well.

And they say they've been so successful they've saved nearly £900 in the process.

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They say the challenge helped them cut out the "extra" items that add pounds to a shopping bill, saving them £895.23 in all. So here are their tips to making your weekly shopping budget go further.

  • Check the date. Food can be frozen up to 24 hours before the use-by date

  • Plan meals. Write a list, take it to the shops, and stick to it

  • Store food correctly. Apples are stored best in the fridge. Bread and potatoes in a cool dry place.

  • Watch your portions. Are you preparing too much?

  • Think leftovers. What meal can you make from last night's meal?

Rebekah says that while things like milk were more expensive when bought from newsagents, but goods like potatoes and baked beans were cheaper.

The results of a local shop Credit: Ian and Rebekah Pugh

Other tips include:

  • Keep your fridge below 5 degrees C. Milk in particular goes off much quicker if the fridge is too warm.

  • Don't store bananas in the fridge.

  • Keep food packaging on until you are ready to use the food. It helps preserve freshness.

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The Pugh's say their year has been so successful they've continued to avoid supermarkets and are now starting a new challenge: To try and apply the same principle by decluttering the rest of their lives.