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Simon's Blog - Freaky Flowers

Oddly shaped daisy Photo: Credit : Stuart Watts

There are lots of daisies around at this time of year but not that many like the one Stuart's daughter Evie Watts spotted in the local park in Whitstable.

And it's not just the top that's larger than's the bottom!

It also has a very thick stem. Credit: Stuart Watts

Something, it seems, you sometimes see in primulas too.

Normal one on the left...thick stemmed one on the right. Credit: Norma Payne

And it's not just the primulas that are a little odd in Norma's garden in's also the tulips.

Two-tone tulip. Credit: Norma Payne

Must be something in her soil!

And finally...

A Lily...growing inside a lily Credit: Penny Day in Folkestone

So if you're spending any time in the garden over the next few days and you spot something a little unexpected growing there...I'd love to see it! So please send a photo to or you can also tweet me @SimonParkinITV if you're on Twitter.

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