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What do you really know about St George's Day?

Today thousands of people in the Meridian region and across England are celebrating the patron saint of England.

Despite the day being commemorated by towns and cities, a recent poll by British Future found that less than half of Britons knew that St George's Day was celebrated on the 23rd April.

Here are some lesser known facts about St George's Day...

Morris dancers celebrate St George's Day Credit: ITV Meridian
  • St George is the patron saint of scouting and so scouts see the 23rd April as the first day for camping.
  • The legend of St George slaying a dragon is most likely untrue - as during the Middle Ages dragons commonly represented the devil and so it is thought he chased out bad spirits.
Soldiers march through a Hampshire town to commemorate St George's Day Credit: ITV Meridian
  • St George is thought to have been a brave Roman soldier who fought against the Romans' torture of Christians.
  • His birth date is thought be sometime between 275AD and 285AD
Residents watch a St George's Day parade by gathering at windows Credit: Army
  • St George is also the patron saint of Portugal, Greece and Germany, as well as places such as Venice and Moscow.
  • In Georgia, there are 365 churches dedicated to St. George, one for each day of the year.