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Simon's Blog - Odd Nest Locations

Haywards Heath Photo: Credit :- Roger James

To quote the pasta making legend that is Lloyd Grossman "Who'd live in a house like this?"

It's a wall mounted ash tray/bin by the entrance of St Wilfred's church hall which has now been taken over by a family of birds.

Not the oddest of nest locations though, other surprise places include...

...on top of a welly in Basingstoke! Credit: Elaine Crick
Blackbird eggs in the nest. Credit: Elaine Crick

And how about this...

...the rim of a hat! Credit: Anne Sayers in Sussex

And here's an interesting nest set up that's got Angie Sampson a bit baffled. She has a Blue Tit nest in her camera nesting box which has at least 13 eggs in it....nothing unusual there...however... there appears to be two females both sharing the nest and a third bird flitting in and out and feeding them both while they sit on the eggs.

Have a look at the video...

Angie would love to know if this is out of the ordinary, so if you have any info that might help please drop me an email to

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