How public sector worker strikes could affect you

Public sector workers due to go on strike Credit: Chris Radburn/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Public sector workers are going on strike on Thursday in a row over pay and pensions.

Firefighters and teachers are among those expected to take industrial action, which could cause chaos to the region.

The exact level of disruption won't be known until the strikes go ahead, but the list below shows services that could affect you:

Teachers and Schools

Around 50 schools in our region are expected to close due to the strike action.

Fire Service

Fire services across the region are striking as part of a long running row over pensions. It comes ahead of 8 consecutive days of industrial action taking place next week. Any staff not involved, as well as on-call firefighters, will be responding to 999 calls, although fewer fire engines will be available than normal.

Bin Collections

Collection of rubbish may not happen as some councils go on strike. In Reading, Streetcare staff will attempt to clear all domestic waste as a priority and Dorset Waste Partnership are advising people to put their rubbish out as normal.

Meals on Wheels, Carers and Wardens

Those who use these services may face disruption is staff decide to strike, although many councils are not striking or have contingency plans in place.

Parking Warden

Union members are expected to walk out across many councils in our region. In some councils where parking is a police responsibility, service should be as normal.


Disruption is expected for burials and cremations that are going ahead tomorrow if staff do go on strike.

Social Workers

A number of staff who work on the safeguarding of vulnerable children and adults are exempt from the strikes.


Some court dates may be postponed, especially if members of the Public and Commercial Services Union walk out.

Job Centres

Like the courts, if members of the Public and Commercial Services Union walk out, there could be disruptions.

Driving Test Centres

If people from the Public and Commercial Services Union walk out, drivers may not be able to go through with their driving tests.

Maritime and Coastguard Agencies

Again, if members of the Public and Commercial Services Union decide to strike, these services could be affected.


Many libraries will be closed. Mobile library services may also not be running although in East Sussex, all libraries are expected to be open as normal.

To find out if any of these strikes could affect you, please visit your local councils website.