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Simon's Blog - Things That Look Like Other Things

We all knew potatoes have eyes...this one's got a whole face! Photo: Edward, Sarah & Bertie Smith from Kealkill, Co. Cork, Ireland

What's not to love about some Things That Look Like Other Things especially when it's a perfectly timed harvest special edition.

And there have been some odd things growing across the region... Lisa Bennett from Whitstable's parrot or carrot!

And what's with Sarah Chambers from Shoreham-by-Sea's ginger...

...she reckons it looks like either a cat or a camel!

I was thinking a Llama myself.

That's the swan shaped runner bean that Gary Smith grew in Sandown on the Isle of Wight.

Meanwhile in Birchington-on-Sea here's the tomato that Billy McGreagor grew...

...that does look like a duck.

And finally not exactly grown but still food related from Vern Wilkie in Fareham...

...bacon that looks like penguins!