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Broadmoor in numbers: What you didn't know about the Berkshire hospital

Broadmoor Hospital. Photo: ITVNews

As Broadmoor Hospital opens its doors for first time in 150 years to be filmed in a new ITV documentary, interesting facts and statistics about the institution are revealed.

Broadmoor is a hospital, not a prison. It is one of three high-security psychiatric hospitals in England.

Boradmoor Hospital is located in Berkshire and was founded in 1863.

Staff at Broadmoor Hospital:

  • 420 nurses
  • 12 consultants
  • Range of professional staff include psychologists, occupational therapists, social workers, teachers and specialists in physical and vocational activities.

Number of wards and patients:

  • There are 15 wards in total.
  • Each ward has between eight and 20 patients
  • Broadmoor holds 210 patients, with a turnover of around 50 a year.

The average age of patients at admission is 29.

Broadmoor high-security psychiatric hospital, near Crowthorne, Berkshire. Credit: PA

Where do patients come from? Patients come from London and the south.

  • A third from the courts for assessment before trial or sentencing.
  • A third from prison.
  • A third may have committed no offence but require treatment in more secure conditions.

Illnesses treated:

  • Severe mental illness, such as schizophrenia.
  • Personality disorders, mostly ‘anti-social’ type.

Length of stay at Broadmoor Hospital:

On average the length of stay is just under five years, although many stay for a much shorter time.

Fewer than 5% have been at the hospital for over 20 years.

Once patients are assessed as ready to leave Broadmoor, where do they move on to?

  • 35% NHS medium-security unit.
  • 30% independent medium-security unit.
  • 15% prison.

The documentary team were given unprecedented access to the wards for filming the programme which will be broadcast tonight at 9pm.