Young couple finally get honeymoon after £1m lotto win

A young couple from Basingstoke are busily applying for passports and preparing to take their first long haul flight together after winning £1 million and a trip to Australia.

The couple, who are the first to win in the new EuroMillions Mega Friday draw, haven’t been able to take a holiday abroad or even have a honeymoon since their wedding two and a half years ago.

David and Sam Mackie, who have two young boys, are already planning their trip and have started to spend their winnings by buying a house. The couple’s last holiday was a week in Cornwall and David admits that this is “a little bit different.”

David and Sam, who is currently on maternity leave from work as a dental nurse, have been together five years. They didn’t manage to get away for a honeymoon after their wedding two and half years ago.

The win comes after a chance purchase on the evening of Halloween. David opened his computer and found the National Lottery website on the screen. Although his wife, Sam usually gets the tickets he decided to get one for the EuroMillions draw. The next morning he received an email saying he had exciting news and to check his account.

After logging on, David checked his balance which was the same as the day before and wondered where the win was – he admits it took him time to spot the message saying he had won £1million and a private island getaway

. Credit: MelBloor/ITV

David, 32, who is an IT manager said:

David and Sam wasted no time to start to spend and went out on Saturday to buy a house. Having looked recently they had seen the house they would like - a plot on a new development - but it was out of their price range. The couple visited again on Saturday and by Sunday evening David was signing paperwork in the sales office.

The EuroMillions draw on Friday 31 October saw 25 guaranteed millionaires made in the UK who each all also won a private island getaway. The getaway will see the winner and seven friends fly business class to Australia before a helicopter transfer to the amazing Makepeace Island on Australia’s Sunshine Coast.

There they will experience 14 nights of pure indulgence with their own private chef, personal spa treatments and a sunset cruise.