With the temperatures now tumbling and winter upon us, unprepared homes and businesses could suffer the misery of burst pipes, South East Water have warned.

South East Water have offered advice to its customer on how to insulate water tanks and prevent water from pouring through ceilings and damaging buildings and furniture.

To help its customers, the water company has released a video on its website, giving a step-by-step guide to insulating water pipes.

Steve Andrews, Head of Customer and Commercial Services at South East Water, said:

As the temperature drops we need to ensure our water pipes at home are just as insulated as we are. If your internal pipes freeze it can lead to you having no water, or even pipes bursting as they thaw. We have similar problems with our own water mains during cold weather, but while we will have teams out repairing our burst pipes in the ground, a few simple precautions can help customers prevent the misery caused by burst pipes in their home.

Steve Andrews

Advice to keep homes warm this winter:

  • When away leave heating low or drain down systems

  • Insulate pipes, cisterns and tanks with WRAS approved foam

  • Repaire dripping taps

  • Check loft insulation

  • Check internal stop tap works

  • Go to watersafe.org.uk for nearest plumber

For general information on getting ready for winter visit the met office website.