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Street ahoy! Home-made yacht is hoisted over rooftops

Easy does it.....the yacht is lowered onto a trailer Photo: Meridian

By and large, the boats at Ramsgate Marina come and go largely un-noticed. But not this one. She's called "Out of the Blue" - the name's being painted on tomorrow. That's the easy bit. The only easy bit.

The decision to create the 38ft luxury yacht was taken - out of the blue - by John Couzens and his twin sons.

Six years later - job done - they drank to her future. And then realised they were in deep water. They needed to move her from the shed in the back garden - where she was built - onto a trailer in the street.

But there was something in the way: the house. John Ryall has a video report.

Mission impossible for Mr Couzens? Credit: Meridian

Hoisting a £175,000 yacht into Swinburne Avenue, Broadstairs, was as stressful as it was expensive.

John, who runs a roofing business, feared more than once that his own roof was in peril.

But the rest of the lifting operation - which cost £10,000 - was hitch-free. John Ryall has a video report.