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Cats can't find homes because they are 'too timid'

Coral, pictured, and Cali are too shy to greet potential owners Photo: RSPCA

Two cats have spent more than a year waiting for new owners - because they are so timid. Coral, black and white, and Cali, white and black, have been at the RSPCA’s Leybourne Animal Centre in West Malling, Kent for more than a year, waiting for a new owner to notice them and take them home,

Cali is also 'too shy' Credit: RSPCA

The three-year-old sisters arrived in December 2013 after being found living in poor conditions in a multi-cat household.

Angelina Allingham, cattery supervisor at the centre said: “It took a couple of months for Coral and Cali to recover but now they are such lovely animals and would make such wonderful companions for the right person.

“But because they are a bit timid, people tend to walk past them - it makes me so sad. People overlook them because they don’t come up to the screen and say 'hello' in the same confident way as some of the others."