Rare Roman burial coins found in a field by metal detectors go on show

Archaeologists excavating Roman find in the laboratory Credit: Oxford Archaeology

A haul of Roman treasure discovered by metal detectors in Buckinghamshire has gone on public show.

The Weekend Wanderers, a group from Hampshire, were scouring a field near Aylesbury when they came across the discovery which included coins, the remains of a 2nd century cremation casket, bronze and glass ornaments, pottery, food and drink offerings.

The group alerted museum staff at Bucks County Council and archaeologists were called in to carry out a full excavation of the site

Samarian cup reconstructed from site near Aylesbury, Bucks Credit: Oxford Archaeology

Recovered archaeology included an urn, a bronze flagon, a dish containing food remnants, an iron lamp, glassware and high status pottery, along with highly decorated bronze jug handle depicting a scene of figures worshipping next to an altar.

The past three months have been spent painstakingly cleaning and logging the three artefacts - the bronze handle, a samian cup and red jasper intaglio ring - that will be on display at the museum for the next two months.