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First steps for baby orangutan

Budi takes his first steps Photo: International Animal Rescue

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After months of being unable to move or sit up, Budi the baby orangutan has taken his first steps.

He was found lying helplessly on his back in a chicken cage in Borneo but thanks to the help of Sussex-based International Animal Rescue, he's on his feet and starting to walk for the first time.

This is phenomenal progress for an animal that was literally at death’s door only weeks ago. Budi definitely has a fighting spirit but he would never have survived without the expert treatment and care he received from our veterinary team.

– Alan Knight, Chief Executive of International Animal Rescue

Budi, who was kept in a chicken cage and fed entirely on condensed milk, was in a critical condition when he was rescued by IAR’s team in West Borneo in December.

When he arrived at IAR’s Orangutan Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre malnutrition had left his body bloated and his limbs swollen and bent.

At just over a year old Budi should have been strong enough to climb and swing, instead he was as helpless as a new-born baby.