Man 'brutally' attacked ex-girlfriend with a golf club after he found her with another man

A man has been jailed after he attacked his ex-partner and a man with a golf club when he found them in bed together.

Liam Andrew Coaker, 32, a brick layer of St Leonard's Park, East Grinstead was sentenced at Lewes Crown Court on Monday 23 March to a total of nine years and eight months in prison, having pleaded guilty at a previous hearing to two counts of grievous bodily harm.

Early on the morning of 27 July last year Coaker attacked a 27-year old man and a 28-year old woman who was Coaker's ex-partner, with a golf club atfter entering her family's house in King Georges Avenue and found them in bed together.

He beat the man round the head with the golf club, and when the head of the club broke off he continued to stab at them with the sharp end of the remaining club shaft.

Both sustained serious injuries, and the attack was only stopped when other family members came to the rescue. The man had to be airlifted to the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton for treatment.