Huge queues for first tickets to Margate's Dreamland

A projection of what the park is expected to look like

Margate's amusement park will re-open on 19th June, it's been announced today. People have been queuing outside in the cold since early this morning to get the first tickets to visit Dreamland.

Our reporter David Johns has been there.

Tickets will be available to buy online from 10am but there's still a huge queue at the park.

The park's expected to include old fashioned, retro rides to recreate the traditional British seaside experience.

The first 500 people to go through the doors will get a piece of the old scenic railway, the UK's oldest rollercoaster which has been restored for the park's opening in June.

Dreamland's scenic railway reconstruction

"We are thrilled to announce the Dreamland opening date to the public today. "Thanks to the hard work and dedication of our team, we are on track for our grand opening on the 19th of June. "We hope that as many local Thanet residents as possible will join us then to celebrate the momentous occasion."

Eddie Kemsley, CEO of Dreamland