By George! What's it all about?

What is St George's Day?

You'd be surprised to know that one in five of us weren't aware that St George is the patron saint of England. On the 23rd April Christian churches celebrate the feast day of St George.

So, who is St George?

There are several conflicting versions of the life of St George but it's widely accepted that he was born into a Christian family in Turkey around AD 270.

He became a high ranking Roman soldier but was jailed for fighting against the Emperor's persecution of Christians.

The Emperor Diocletian was so enraged by George's protest that he is said to have dragged him through the streets on the 23rd April and beheaded him.

Ironically, the Emperor's wife was so enthralled by George's bravery that she decided to become a Christian herself, and was later killed for her faith.

The legend of George slaying a dragon and rescuing an innocent maiden from death is medieval.

The 23rd April is reputed to be the day of George's martyrdom in 303. Credit: @GravesendTCM

Did you know…Shakespeare was born on this day in 1564 and died on the same day in 1616.

Did you know....St George is not just England's patron saint. He is also celebrated in Portugal, Moscow, Malta, Slovenia, Ethiopia and Bulgaria.