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Simon's Blog - Faces In Unexpected Places

Photo: Craig Willson

You've got to love it that when you look at Pevensey does look like it's looking back at you!

Thanks for all of the photos of inanimate objects that seem to have come to life and if you spot a face in an unexpected place I'd love to see it, so please drop me an email to or tweet me @SimonParkinITV if you're on Twitter.

So here we go with the recent ones that have arrived in my inbox and first up from Alicia Cookson in Dorchester here's an onion that’ll make you smile rather than cry.

Pam Morgan was at the Kenton Road Day Centre in Earley when her friends realised her bag looked like it was going to join in with the conversation.

And Jo Milton was making a stew in Hythe when she saw these smiley faced bone twins.

She didn't have the heart to put them into the pan!

Meanwhile Irene Oliver has got a slightly perturbed looking electric toothbrush.

It does look a little unsure of things, not least of all it’s hair!

And finally have you ever seen a stairlift looking as sad as the one spotted by Jaqui Harker at one her patients houses?