More help for local residents using Dart Charge

More help is on offer for local residents using the Dartford Crossing Credit: PA

Extra support to help people living in Dartford and Thurrock benefit from the discounts they are entitled to at the Dartford Crossing have been announced today by Highways England.

44,000 people have now signed up for the Local Residents Discount Scheme, 12,000 more than before Dart Charge launched last November. The scheme offers local residents significant discounts for using the Crossing.

The growth in accounts is evidence that more people than ever are benefitting from discounted journeys at Dartford, as well as the significant journey time savings that Dart Charge is already bringing.

A new telephone option for those using the Local Residents Discount Scheme has been set up to assist customers have been experiencing any issues. Local customers will also be able to book an appointment at one of a series of ‘surgery style’ events that will be held in Dartford and Thurrock over the coming weeks.

"My team of advisers are committed to helping local residents with any problems they might have with their Dart Charge accounts. Recently we have addressed many of the remaining problems but are aware that some people would welcome personal help. As the people who use the crossing the most it is right we do everything we can to resolve any outstanding issues local residents have as quickly as possible.”

Charles Hewson, CEO Sanef Operations Ltd

“It’s great that more people than ever before are taking advantage of the Local Residents Discount Scheme, as well as quicker journeys at the Crossing. 12,000 new users in less than six months is a significant rate of growth. Most of these accounts have been set up smoothly and without issue. However I know some people have experienced problems setting up their accounts. Although only a small minority of customers have had difficulties, I understand how frustrating this must be to the people affected and I offer them my apologies. Today we are announcing extra support to help people resolve any outstanding issues as quickly as possible.”

Dart Charge Project Director Nigel Gray