Meet the 15-year-old schoolboy with size 19 feet...and he is still growing!

Sam Preston has size 19 feet Credit: Caters

Meet the giant 15-year-old schoolboy with whopping SIZE 19 FEET.

Super-size teen Sam Preston stands at an impressive 6ft 6in, but it is his enormous shoe size - that measure a full 14 inches long - that really stands out.

At more than double the average for a teen his own age Sam’s feet are bigger than superstar sportsmen like Olympic gold-medallist Ian Thorpe and former England footballer Peter Crouch.

Despite his hulking body, Sam still hears people snigger about his titanic tootsies when he’s out and about.

Sam, from Wantage, Oxfordshire, said: “People will just stop and stare at me in the street.

“All of my family and friends are used to the size of my feet.

“That’s not that bad, but I hate when people talk behind my back.

“I hear groups of people whispering stuff like ‘Ronald McDonald called and asked for his shoes back’.

“They never say it to my face though.”

Despite his dad and 21-year-old brother Josh having size 12 and 11 feet respectively, Sam has always been slightly larger than average.

Mum Leigh Deakin, 43, said: "He has always been big - he weighed 11lbs when he was born.

"We first realised he had larger than normal feet when we bought his first shoes.

"He couldn't fit into the regular pairs so we had to buy them for toddlers.

"He's just kept on growing.

"He broke into adult sizes at eight-years-old a lot earlier than the rest of his friends.

"It made buying shoes for primary school really difficult.

"I feel sorry for him because he can't wear the same trainers as his mates.

"Maybe I should put a brick on his head to stop him growing!"

At his current shoe size, with a prospective further six years of growth left, Sam is set to smash the current British record of size 21 feet held by Carl Griffiths, from South Wales.

Sam finds it almost impossible to find shoes in Britain to fit him, so his mum has to get them imported directly from the states.

Leigh, a housekeeping assistant, said: "We managed to find one pair of suitable school shoes that fit him in Somerset.

"They cost £128 but we had to get them for him.

"It costs a fortune to get them imported.

"The shoes cost more because they're specially made.

"Then there are the taxes and shipping which come to at least £60."

Sam puts his big bases to good use when he steps out on the rugby field.

He said: “I play in the number 8 so I’m usually in the back of the scrum.

“My feet give me a big push off so I can really propel my team forward.

“I used to fall over my feet a bit but I’ve grown into them now.

“Still I can’t find rugby boots to fit me.

“We have to import American football boots and I squeeze my feet into them.”