Rethink of Spinnaker Tower redesign after bad reaction

The Spinnaker Tower £3.5m sponsorship plans to be 'revised'

The new sponsorship branding plans announced for Portsmouth's Spinnaker Tower on Friday are to be revised after a bad reaction from the general public. The £3.5 million deal between the city council and the firm 'Emirates' would have seen Portsmouth's famous landmark, currently white, repainted in red and white to advertise the commercial brand.

However there was a negative reaction from members of the public, with a petition against the change attracting more than 9,000 signatures over the weekend. Red and white are the football colours of Portsmouth's neighbouring rival city of Southampton.

The Leader of the Council, Councillor Donna Jones, said she was 'extremely worried and concerned about the strong public response' and had taken the public reaction into account - leading to the request for alternative proposals from the public.

Under the original redesign plans the Spinnaker Tower would have been repainted red & white

Portsmouth City council is asking local residents for ideas on how the branding could be changed. Anyone with feedback can email with their suggestions by 9am tomorrow - Tuesday 9th June. The council said the tight deadline was to allow for the sponsorship deadlines to be met, so that the deal can become 'live' by mid-July.

The deal is worth £3.5 million over five years, plus additional marketing benefits bringing the total up to £5 million. The council said the money would be reinvested into essential council services.