Size zero shop mannequin removed after it sparks online outrage

This mannequin has sparked anger and been removed Credit: Facebook

A New Look store in Tunbridge Wells has been forced to remove a shop mannequin after outrage over its 'unrealistic' size zero skinny waist.

The mannequin, which was dressed in underwear, appeared in the window of a branch of the Kent store.

One shopper was so disgusted she took a photo of it and posted it online.

It sparked an online protest with critics claiming it presented an 'unrealistic' and 'unhealthy' body image for young girls.

Marg Oaten, of Seed - Eating Disorders Support Services, told ITV News Meridian: "I thought this mannequin was hideous when I saw it.

"These retailers need a reality check about what they are portraying. It is a harmful body image. It can destroy people."