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'Speed limit not enough': Sister of woman who died in Sheppey Crossing crash

The sister of a woman who died in a crash on the Sheppey crossing has said a speed limit reduction is not enough to make the road safe.

Emma Tweed, sister of Deborah Roberts, said: "I think it is great that the speed limit has been reduced but I do feel that something else needs to be enforced as well so that the drivers actually stick to the news speed limit."

Deborah Roberts and her son were killed in July last year

Deborah Roberts and her son Marshall, 8, lost their lives in July last year in a crash on the crossing.

Highways England have made the decision to reduce the speed limit on the Sheppey Crossing to 50mph today, after the coroner investigating the deaths of the mother and son recommended "urgent action".

8-year-old Marshall Roberts died in the crash along with his mother

Ms Tweed said: "It's fair enough to bring the speed limit down but are drivers actually going to stick to it when there is nothing there to make sure they don't exceed the 50mph speed limit?"