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Simon's Blog - Things That look Like Other Things

Photo: Colin Blake in Portsmouth

What could be better than growing a strawberry that looks like a heart?

How about growing one that looks like a seal and another that looks like a bobble hat.

Not sure about the one on the left but as Meatloaf quite rightly said...two out of three ain't bad. Not that he was inspired by Maurice Kirkham's strange harvest in Ashford mind.

And finally in the strawberry pile, one from Mrs Burgess in West Sussex that looks like...

...a fish.

And moving from the fruit bowl to the vegetable tray in the fridge and here are a couple of courgettes that Helen Kelly has grown in Allington.

Well that one looks normal enough.

This one on the other hand...

...according to her 11 year old looks like a hand grenade!

Peter Simmons in Chatham found this pebble that does look like a monkey’s head.

And of course there are always a couple of interestingly shaped clouds to be found.

Tom Lee in Crowborough was out with his grandchildren when they saw this one which they all reckoned looks like a well known animated character.

They said Peppa Pig but being a bit old school I'm thinking one of the Clangers.

And speaking of cartoon clouds and Brian Clifton in Speldhurst thinks this one looks like...

...Pluto the Disney dog.

I’m thinking with that hat he's more of a Goofy!

So keep your eyes peeled and if you spot anything that looks like something else...please snap it and send it to