Angry driver filmed taking a tumble in viral cyclist row video

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A video captured by a cyclist of a confrontation with a driver, who trips and falls after giving chase, has gone viral.

The man, known only as 'uphillfreewheeler', posted the video to Youtube.

It has since had more than 4 million views.

The cyclist is filming in Reading when a car overtakes him. He calls out to the driver, saying "is that close enough"?

The cyclist continues to drive behind the driver, before a confrontation breaks out between the two.

The driver and cyclist stop in the road

At one point the driver tells the cyclist he was lucky he didn't hit him, as he was taking up the "whole road".

The driver then proceeds to park up at the road side, before getting out of his car and walking up to confront the cyclist.

The driver crosses the road to confront the camera

He then reaches out his hand towards the camera, before asking the cyclist "would you like that broken"?

The driver reaches out his hand towards the camera

The driver then returns to his car. The cyclist follows him, saying "you've just committed an assault".

The driver begins to drive off but as the confrontation continues and the cyclist continues to film, he gets out of the car, saying "I'm taking your camera".

The driver gets out of his car

He then begins to chase the cyclist along the pavement.

The driver gives chase

Then, the driver loses his footing, sending him up in the air, crashing back down towards the pavement and then into a forward roll.

The driver trips

Watch the video below