An exotic spider that sneaked into a shipping container and made it all the way to the UK from Africa has been rehomed in East Sussex.

The Moroccan Huntsman spider travelled from Africa to Hampshire after being rescued by a UK filming company.

A camera operator at the company - which has worked on films including Harry Potter, Star Wars and James Bond - discovered the eight-legged arthropod as he was unpacking his equipment.

The crew had been working on location in Morocco when the furry fugitive found its way into their container.

The Huntsman spider made it all the way from Morocco

Upon opening one of the large kit boxes, I found a thick matting of white web, looking like tissue paper. I was a little apprehensive at first, as I didn't know what had created it. I set about trying to find the creature responsible and discovered what I believed to be a genus of Huntsman. It was initially in a distressed state and did not move much, but over two days, I fed it and provided it with water. It lapped up the liquid and became much more alert. >

Dave Francis, camera operator
Staff at Drusillas took in the eight-legged arthropod

Dave then contacted Drusillas Animal Park, where the spider is living happily at its new home