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Simon's Blog - Faces In Unexpected Places

Photo: Natalie McGrath

Well I don't know about you but I'd struggle to be able to eat a cheerful if slightly tipsy looking Belgium bun like the one that was on Natalie's plate in Worthing.

But tea time isn't the only time you can spot a face in an unexpected place.

Jennifer Everett From Storrington West Sussex sent us this photo of a handbag she saw in the shops that she thinks looks like a grumpy old face with its tongue sticking out.

And these are Tim Aiton’s wifes angry looking slippers.

Here’s Simon Ferré sad hat.

Meanwhile Colin Haygarth spotted this confused face in a Greater Butterfly Orchid Flower on the Isle of Wight.

Paul Nashwalder from Heathfield spotted this a perplexed looking bin cupboard at Gatwick Airport.

And how surprised does Ian Shorter's bird house look in Ashford?

Finally from the aptly named Christine Wheeler on the M27 and this would surely cheer up any traffic jam...

…a camper van that she thinks has a look of harry potter!

If you see something unexpectedly looking at you and you happen to have a camera handy, please drop me an email to or tweet me @SimonParkinITV on Twitter.