Incredible woman survives cancer five times

An incredible grandmother who survived cancer five times says her family, friends and positive attitude is how she got through it.

Sharon Twyman, 57, has had four cases of breast cancer and has also had colon cancer.

She was first diagnosed in the 1980s but says she has always been upbeat and has been given a lot of support from her children and grandchildren.

The family was devastated last year when Mrs Twyman's husband also got cancer - and died just seven weeks after being diagnosed.

Mrs Twyman, from Gravesend, Kent, said: "They thought first of all he had had a stroke but then realised after having tests done that there were lesions in the brain and in the kidney, which went into his bone.

"I think even my family thought it was going to be me who went first because I'd had so many cancers and fought through them and I think we just thought that Gary would get better."

The family are now hoping to hold more fundraising days next year after a successful one this year.

Mrs Twyman says it is essential for women to check themselves for any signs of cancerous lumps and above all, to stay positive.