Caught on camera - boy lying across rail tracks

Police are trying to trace this boy spotted lying on the railway tracks Credit: British Transport Police

Shocking footage has been released showing a boy lying across a live rail at a Hampshire station.

British Transport Police issued it to show the dangers of trespassing on the railway. It's trying to trace the two youngsters who were recorded at Woolston station in Southampton.

The Force has issued CCTV footage from the station, showing one of the youths appearing to lie across the tracks with his head resting on the third rail.

Officers want to speak to the two individuals in the video and are appealing for the public's assistance in tracing them.

The incident took place at Woolston station between 4am and 6am on Sunday, 2nd August.

"This was a truly shocking incident in which one of these individuals could easily have been killed or seriously injured. They seem totally oblivious to the risks as they play on the line, with one of them even resting his head on the third rail which is normally electrified.

Sergeant Alisar Kennerley

The appeal comes 11 days after three men were injured when they received electric shocks on the line at nearby Totton railway station.

Officers are now appealing for the public's assistance in tracing the three people from the Woolston CCTV video.