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Woman's shock as she finds hidden camera while in the shower at Travelodge

Harmony Hachey spotted a hidden camera while showering in her hotel room Photo:

A woman who went for a shower in her hotel room, at a local Travelodge, was shocked to find a hidden camera inside.

Hayley Harmony, who's 23, spotted a small device concealed in a ventilator during her trip to the Wheatley Travelodge, in Oxford. She got a fork and stuck it in the vent, only to find the camera.

The mini camera spotted in an air vent

The webcam was attached to a cable which was found inside a so-called maintenance unit, along with other wires. Miss Hachey alerted hotel staff who launched their own investigation.

A spokesman for Thames Valley Police said: “We can confirm that we did receive a report of a webcam being found in a hotel room at Travelodge, Wheatley. A camera has been recovered for examination.

“Reports of this nature are very rare, but we always treat them very seriously. We are working very closely with Travelodge to secure as much evidence as we can and an investigation is ongoing.”

Miss Hachey today described the moment she spotted the camera.

"We can confirm that a customer at our Oxford Wheatley hotel made us aware of the presence of what appeared to be a camera in their room.

The privacy of our customers is a matter of the highest importance to us and the hotel team investigated immediately. While the camera appeared to be inoperative, we have reported this matter to the police and we are now supporting them fully with their ongoing investigations.

We would like to offer our sincere apologies to the customer affected and will remain in contact with them to ensure the matter is resolved."

– A Travelodge spokesperson