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Two kittens thrown from a moving car

Two kittens have been rescued after being thrown from a moving car in Bognor Regis in West Sussex.

A driver witnesses the horrifying moment when the kittens were thrown out of the car window. The motorist managed to find one of the kittens and take him to a local vet surgery but couldn't locate the second.

The first kitten was found at the roadside Credit: ITV Meridian

Nurses from AlphaPet, who went out searching for the missing kitten, found him on a high branch of a tree and plucked him to safety.

The second kitten was found in a tree Credit: ITV Meridian
A veterinary nurse plucked the second kitten to safety Credit: ITV Meridian

The kittens have now been named Bagheera and Baloo. Baloo, the first kitten to be found, suffered some bruising to his back but Bagheera has a fracture to one of his hind legs that may need some surgery in the near future.

Both kittens will be looked after by AlphaPet until they are ready for rehoming.

Both kittens are being cared for by AlphaPet until they can be rehomed Credit: ITV Meridian