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Man jailed for armed robbery

A 22-year-old man has been jailed for his role in an armed robbery that saw a mobile phone stolen from a teenage girl.

Buddy Jarrett, of Atterbury Close in Westerham, denied his role in the attack, which took place in Avebury Avenue in Tonbridge, in February last year.

He was sentenced to seven years in prison at Maidstone Crown Court on Friday for robbery and possession of imitation firearm.

Buddy Jarrett has been sentenced to seven years in prison Credit: Kent Police

At that same hearing a teenage accomplice was sentenced to three years imprisonment.

The attack happened at approximately 9.35pm on Wednesday 19th February last year.

The victim reported that she was walking with a male friend when the defendants approached them and asked to borrow a mobile phone to make a call. She pulled out her phone to show it did not work and the two defendants walked away before turning back around.

At this point the teenage boy, aged 15 at the time, was holding what was described as a gun sideways and demanded the phone, which was handed over.

Jarrett was standing behind the other defendant while this happened.

They then ran to board a Charing Cross bound train from Tonbridge station, which police asked to be held up while officers made their way to the scene.

The suspects became suspicious about why the train was not moving and saw officers at the bottom of the platform.

To try and escape they decided to run to the end of the platform and onto the track. Following a short pursuit, Jarrett was arrested but the other managed to evade capture. He threw the phone in to a field before posting a link to a story about the crime onto his Facebook page.

When police hunted him down he admitted the offence in interview.

“This was a shocking and cowardly robbery on two young victims who have shown great bravery throughout this whole ordeal.

"Despite all they have gone through, they have stayed strong and shown a great deal of courage. The teenage defendant admitted the offence in the police interview.

Jarrett showed no remorse for his involvement, and I hope he uses the time he spends in prison to reflect on his actions.”

– Detective Constable Paul Newton, the investigating officer in this case