Primary school head bans sugary drinks

Credit: PA

A school in Kent has banned pupils from consuming sugary drinks at school.

Pupils at Wateringbury Primary School, near Maidstone have been told they must drink either water or milk.

Headteacher Chasey Crawford-Usher wrote to parents in her weekly newsletter to say that children bringing in their own lunch must stick to the same rules as children who have school lunches

Ms Crawford-Usher says she's done it to improve the health, diets and fitness of its pupils.

Studies show that soft drinks with added sugar are the largest single source of sugar in the diet's of school children teenagers in the UK.

Many health experts are increasingly concerned about sugars contribution to weight gain and type-2 diabetes.

Tooth decay caused by sugar is the most common reason that children aged 5-9 years are admitted to hospital and type-2 diabetes is costing the NHS around £9 billion a year. It's clear action is needed.

A recent online petition launched to persuade the Government to introduce a tax on sugary drinks has already attracted more than 144,000 signatures.

First of all the policy has always basically been children should always be drinking milk and water. What we haven't done is distinguish between natural fruit juice and drinks like Ribena and Capri Sun. Both have a high sugar content.

Chasey Crawford-Usher, headteacher