Explosives used to part-demolish famous old power station

Part of the main building at the famous Didcot Power Station has been demolished with explosives.

The demolition of Didcot A started almost 2 years ago and the site has significantly changed during this time.

The program has included the explosive demolition of three of the six cooling towers in July last year, and works have progressed to include the turbine hall, external ductwork, removal of external fuel tanks and demolition of a number of ancillary buildings.

At the weekend the first of two explosions required to demolish the main building took place. The second will happen later this year.

The structure was made mostly of steel and was more than half the size of the cooling towers.

The north cooling towers and chimney are scheduled for explosive demolition in Spring and Summer 2016.

The complete demolition of the site is still expected towards the end of September 2016.