A mother is being prosecuted over her son's poor school attendance after he took time off to mourn his father's death.

Kris Jarvis was killed after being knocked off his bike by a drunk driver in Purley on Thames last February.

His son struggled to come to terms with his loss and took time off school - but Reading Borough Council is now taking his mother to court and she could be jailed.

Tracey Fidler talking to reporter Richard Slee Credit: ITV Meridian

I thought they would have put Adam first but it looks like they haven't. We just wanted to move on with our lives and it just feels like someone doesnt want us to move on. It feels like we're back to square one again.

Tracey Fidler, mother

Adam was nine when his dad Kris Jarvis and his colleague, John Morland were knocked off their bikes while out cycling.

The drunk driver, Alexander Walter, was sentenced to ten years in jail.

During his last year at Primary school, Adam's attendance record dropped below 50 per cent.

But his mum said his work didn't suffer ..and until last week he was doing well in his first term at Secondary school.

Kris Jarvis Credit: ITV Meridian

He's back to not sleeping at night. He's not wanted to leave my side, he didn't want to go to school today - I'm having to push him out the front door this morning.

Tracey Fidler, mother

Reading Council said it has made contact with the family with a view to urgently meeting with them and finding a resolution.